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Carla Hurd

is the CREATEaLIVITY and Battle Buddies Well-Being facilitator, connector and encourager.

The Early Years

I grew up with the family room being a home office. Everywhere I looked there were entrepreneurs so naturally I knew I would be one too. My parents were smart, adaptive, and busy. This meant they needed help with their business so oftentimes the kids were put to work. We put together units, organized files or helped with shipping. I liked being on the phone and making appointments for my Dad. Later, as a teenager, I enjoyed being the “demo girl” at company shows for their products. It’s here that I discovered my love for entertaining a crowd.

Pushing Forward

Although I started out working for the family, I wanted to do things differently when I started my own family. I began what would be a 23 year career in direct sales as “Carla The Candle Lady”. This is when I discovered the power of self development. During a few of those years I ran a coupon club…yes, a real coupon club. It was here that I found a passion for teaching.

My “4Wall Peeps”

Most importantly, the reason I will continue to lead the charge to inspire others is because I am first a child of God and I know this is my purpose. Additionally, I am a wife to Jason and a mom to Cayla, Caitlyn, Colton and Caris. We call ourselves the “four-wall peeps”; this is a reminder to us that the most important people in our life grew up in the same four walls.


Some friends in the direct sales & network marketing world asked me to lead goal-setting, mindset and vision board workshops. I said YES, then the idea for CREATEaLIVITY began.

I wanted to create a place for people to creatively connect and encourage each other to reach their goals. Specifically in the areas of family, health, business, community and faith. Sitting down with my Mom one afternoon in early 2017, the idea was born to help people create the life they crave! CREATEaLIVITY was created and I began utilizing everything I had come to love. Self development, teaching and of course entertaining – I am pretty funny at times!

Our goals:  Exercise ENERGY~Pursue PURPOSE~Practice PASSION

Today, CREATEaLIVITY has a variety of online and live events to help people connect and Create The Life They Crave


My life looked pretty great from the outside, but the truth was that our family was facing some big challenges. Our mental and physical health was not good. We had more than typical obstacles to overcome with our young adults and teenagers at the time. Our businesses had taken their toll on our health, our family and our marriage. Something needed to change, we just didn’t know what or how ….yet!

At one of my goal setting workshops, a woman walked in and created her vision board about a company called Isagenix. She left and I didn’t give it much thought. I had no idea what it was, but later she connected with me to tell me more about it. After several attempts, she got me to attend a meeting. The vibe of the people, the fuel the products promised and the hope of the income opportunity had us excited. Jason and I got started as customers and quickly began sharing our experience. Our team grew fast and it was refreshing to help people with their health while helping ourselves. We affectionately call our team Battle Buddies because always have each other’s backs!

Today we are partnered with that health & wellness company, Isagenix.  Battle Buddies Well-Being is a collaboration of energy, purpose & passion for a healthy mind & body.  We help people every day in these areas and we LOVE it!